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game features
  • Game type - video poker
  • Number of cards - 52
  • Min Bet - $0.25
  • Max Bet - $125
  • Max Payout - 50000
  • Gamble - Yes
  • Change - Yes
  • Winning combinations - 9
  • Jackpot - No
  • Autoplay - No

All American Double Up - video poker game

Video poker - a modern variation of the beloved card game, that has acquired the features of a gaming machine. Net Entertainment Company worked well over the line of professional gambling emulators, to which the All American Double Up belongs. The user can also select the other categories of video poker: 1 hand, 5 hands, 10 and 25 hands. They all have common features: fast gameplay and high payouts. One hand version is perfect for the new gamblers, who still hesitant to place big bets.

Simple rules and risky round of video poker

All American poker is really an easy game for the new players and experienced ones. Video version rules do not differ from the classic rules of poker. The process involves 52 cards. The user will be asked to guess the color of the card, that falls out in the doubling round. If the choice is correct, the bet will be multiplied by two. As in any risk game - the defeat nullifies everything, that was at stake. The maximum number of risky rounds - 5.

By analogy with the gaming machines, the spins form winning combinations. There is no need to remember the combination in this game. They are identical to the standard poker combinations and are displayed on the screen along with the payout ratios. Before starting the spin, you should determine the bet: select the denomination of the coin and bet level. There is provided a card retention function, that holds the necessary cards. In order to save them until the next deal, you need to click the desired card and press «HOLD». If everything is done correctly, you will see the mark «HELD».

All American Double Up - video poker play for free

Winning combinations and coefficients

  • Royal flush - combination of the same suit from 10 to Ace; the payment with the maximum bet reaches x4000.
  • Straight flush - 5 serial cards of the same suit; maximum payout: x450.
  • Four of a kind - 4 cards of the same rank - x175.
  • Full hause - 3 cards of the same suit and two cards of the other suit - x40.
  • Flush - combination of 5 cards of the same suit in no particular order - x40.
  • Straight - 5 serial cards - x40.
  • Three of a kind - 3 identical cards of different suit - x40.
  • Two pairs - two pairs of cards of different suit - x15.
  • One pair - 2 cards of the same rank - x5.
  • High hand - x5.

All American Double Up - video poker play for money

Play All American Double Up (1 Hand, 5 Hand, 10 Hand, 25 Hand)for free and without registration on Play Fortuna Casino. The demo mode gives you a special virtual credit, that completely eliminates the risk of losing money.