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- Bright design

- None bonuses

- Interesting story

- Jackpot – 400 stakes

- English language

Peculiarities of Bunny Boiler

Bunny Boiler is a stunning game where the user of the casino will have a chance to visit a fairy world in order to save grey hare. He decided to travel a long way and get a treasure hidden at the end of the labyrinth. Besides, playing Bunny Boiler, you can get a lot of pleasure together with positive emotions and grow rich in case if you play in full mode. Taking into account that minimum stake is only 50 cents, you can fill your balance with 10 USD and have still a chance to get a lot of winnings.

Rules and terms of the game

Stake variation – from 0,5 to 10 USD

Two modes: demo and full

6 winning coefficients (plus jackpot)

Gameplay in Bunny Boiler

Лотерея Bunny Boiler

The key point of the game is to become a bunny and to cover a long distance. In the end, you may find a way into golden hiding and get nearly 400 stakes! Primarily, place your bet by means of the buttons “+” and “-”. Then click “New game”. You will start the round, where you need to roll the dice, pressing “Roll Dice” in order to define how many steps the bunny needs to go ahead. The maximum number of throws is 6. Besides, you will face with various obstacles, neutral places and bet multipliers:

  • - carrot – neutral place
  • - death sign – death of the hare (end of the round)
  • - bet multipliers
  • - X1
  • - X2
  • - X5
  • - X8
  • - X15
  • - X40
  • - Jack Pot – X4000

It is important to mention that you should activate function “Turbo” for speed up of the gaming process. In this case, the hare will move quickly in the field.